White Guy Creates ‘HarMieGoBalls’ with Indomie Instant Noodles

Harry Bond Junior at his kitchen

Harry Bond Junior, a Dutch guy who lives in Indonesia, earned some recognition after he posted a cooking video featuring himself on the popular Indonesian discussion forum Kaskus.

Although the original post was made months ago in February, the thread has remained popular to this day, accumulating over 10,000 Indonesian netizen comments spanning over 500 pages. In fact, just yesterday, the original thread reached its maximum size of 10,000 comments and a new “Part 2” discussion thread had to be opened for netizens to continue commenting.

From Kaskus:

Crazy Bule Cooks Corned Beef Egg Fried Indoomie – HarMieGoBalls

A mixture of Indomie [instant noodles], corned beef, cheese, eggs and flour can be made into “HarMieGo Balls”.

First, you need to boil the Indomie instant noodles. Then you can start making a separate dough which consists of several eggs, flour and Indomie seasonings. Discard the boiling water after the noodles have been cooked and place them together with the dough. Mix them well.

Cut the cheese.

Heat the cooking oil until it becomes very hot.

Now you can take some of the instant noodles, put some cheese and corned beef at its center. Add a bit more of noodles and shape the mixture into a ball. We are then ready to dip the first HarMieGoBalls into a very hot cooking oil. Depending on your preference, you can fry the ball until it becomes crispy (beige) or turns golden in color.

Finished cooking? Now you can add chili sauce/mayonnaise/tomato ketchup. Enjoy your food! Bon Appetit.

List of Ingredients for making HarMieGoBall

Harry’s HarMieGo Balls (Harry’s Noodles Fried Balls) ingredients:

  • 3 packets of Indomie instant noodles
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 can of corned beef
  • Cheese
  • Flour
  • Cooking oil

Netizens were intrigued with the idea of turning Indonesians’ favorite brand of instant noodles into a whole new cuisine. His creation was unique, extremely cheap and easy to prepare. Not surprisingly, him speaking Bahasa Indonesia in his cooking video also amused many Indonesian viewers.

Harry with the final product of HarMieGoBall

HarMieGoBall Final Product in close-up

Comments from Kaskus:


What a creative bule !


I really want to try it!


Thumbs up for the bule [Harry]… he really loves Indonesian products. Come on, boss, we shouldn’t lose to a bule and must support products that are made in Indonesia!


Even bule like Indomie, boss???


It’s still morning yet I’m suddenly hungry… I’m going to make it later at noon.


So hungry after looking at such an attractive dish


My cousin has tried to make this…. It was tasty at first, but after eating 2-3 spoons, it becomes nauseating

Comments from YouTube:


Haha. Mr Harry Bond J is so mantap…!

Sapta Aji Yudistira:

Hahaha…can you teach me, mister? I like this.

Elfath Egotypalas:

It’s so funny, haha.


At first, I thought this is just an ordinary noodles recipe. However, I’m amazed at the idea after looking at it [the video]. Thank you sir, I’ll try to make this dish tomorrow.


Looks yum!


I’m drooling now. Haha


Wahh… Mr. Harry is so talented at cooking too. :)


Dude, you’re so fucking’ awesome. Haha. I’ve tried to make those balls and it tastes pretty delicious actually. Try to make another simple, delicious, easy to make recipe with Indomie, Mr Harry… and please just use Indomie. Haha. I’m a huge fan of Indomie. :)

What do you think of this recipe? Does it look tasty to you? What interesting but simple recipes have you created?

Final Product of HarMieGoBalls

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