Indonesian Olympic Shooting Loss Blamed on Undisciplined Coach

Kusumawardhani Diaz Training For Olympic 2012

Kusumawardhani Diaz training for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

From Kompas:

The Only Indonesian Shooting Athlete is Very Disappointed

The only Indonesian shooter who took part in the 2012 London Olympics, Kusumawardhani Diaz (16), failed to win a medal. She even had to accept the 55th position out of the 56 participants for Women’s 10 Meter Air Rifle match last Saturday (July 28, 2012).

Diaz, who competed in the Royal Artillery Barracks that Saturday, only scored 382 points. Her score was lower than her previous record at the Asian Shooting Championships in Doha, Qatar where she managed to score 388 points. She was actually aiming for at least 390 points for this Olympics.

Indonesia Shooting Athlete Competing in 2012 Olympic

Kusumawardhani Diaz, Indonesia’s Shooting Athlete, Competing in 2012 Olympic

This match was won by Chinese athlete Yi Siling with 502.9 points which entitled her to a gold medal. Sylwia Bogacka from Poland won a silver medal with 502.9 points, while Yu Dan of China (501.5 points) won a bronze medal.

For the London Olympics’ shooting competition, Indonesia only took part in one event, thus Diaz’s loss ensured that the Red and White contingent [Indonesia’s colors] had lost its opportunity to win a medal in the shooting competitions.


But even more upsetting for her was that she had a very little preparation time for the competition so she couldn’t do her best. Diaz was disappointed at having to rush to prepare herself ahead of the match because as she had arrived late to the site.

“I was not so much concerned about the score, but I was disappointed because of the preparations at the location were too short” she said.

Diaz admitted that she had been planning to go earlier at 6:00 AM, but her coach told her to take it easy as the match would only start at 8:30 AM. But when they arrived at the location, all the other participants were already ready.

“So I was in a hurry to get ready, while the other participants were already ready to compete” she said.

Maulana - Indonesia's Shooting Coach in the 2012 Olympics

Maulana – Indonesia’s Shooting Coach in Olympic 2012

Diaz’s coach, Maulana, can understand the disappointment of the youngest athlete in Indonesia’s contingent because after all, Diaz had her own goal in this competition.

“She must be very disappointed because she had a personal goal. But I think the result was already consistent with her skills,” he said.

According to him, Diaz still hasn’t had a lot of experience in the international competition, while the shooting athletes who competed in the London Olympics were the world’s best athletes. So Diaz’s competition result was reasonable.

“She should have understood that the athletes who competed here were truly qualified, while she got in here because of unused quota. Therefore, if she wanted to get a slot in the quota then she should compete at the world level and get in the top ranks, at least in the top 20,” he said.

Comments from Kaskus:


The coach needs to be trained first with Kopassus in Batu Jajar so he won’t blame the athlete. HOW DARE the coach say that! Looks like the coach is a DUMBASS!!


The athletes’ achievements reflect on their coach too! This coach is way too easygoing and when the result is poor, he makes fun of his athlete. =(


Just shoot the coach so he won’t be able to coach anymore!!!


This coach must be jam karet too during practice in Jakarta.


This coach must have gone shopping first in London, since he said “Just relax, it will just start at 8:30 AM”


Well, there you go, most of our people can’t be disciplined anyway.


He’s not suitable to become a coach.
Just SHOOT the coach!


A very Indonesian coach! He’s already satisfied that he got 2nd to last position, so long as it’s not last position.


It’s okay, as long she can beat this one contestant! =)


You will still need preparation even when you’re just shooting [making love/having sex] in bed. You can’t just shoot dar dor dar dor everywhere!


Did that coach accomplish anything when he was still an athlete?
I was wondering if his only accomplishment was COMING LATE!


Just for your information, the Chinese athlete who won the gold medal woke up at 3AM in the morning.
So sorry that she has a MORON COACH! Just fire him!


At least we are still in the top 50 HAHAHAHAAAHHHAA….


Just drown the coach in the Thames River! The coach has the mentality of public officials’ [government officials].


The coach is totally wrong!
Oympic competition is completely not the same as watching movie in the theatre, hahahaha…[by coming just before it starts]


The coach certainly won’t be late if he was asked for a [London] city tour and shopping in Harrods department store LOL….

Indonesian bad habit. They are too relaxed but in the end they are late.


Crazy coach! As if he wants to say “You will lose anyway so why bother to come so early?” HAHAHAHA


We’re in deep shit, boss! The badminton team was disqualified, while the rest of the athletes already lost, but this shooter lost just because of coming late… The Minister [of Youth and Sport] is so shitty! He’s just paying attention to Hambalang Project now.

What do you think? Is the coach to blame?

Kusumawardhani Diaz in 2012 London Olympic

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