Indonesia Finishes In Top 15 & Set To Host Miss World 2013

Miss World 2012 Pageant

From Okezone:

After China, Indonesia Will Host Miss World 2013

Miss World Evening Gown Competition

The Indonesian community deserves to have a double celebration during the finals of the Miss World 2012 competition. Not only for the achievement of Ines Putri who finished in the top 15 of the competition, but also for the announcement that Indonesia will be the venue for Miss World 2013.

Ines Putri in Miss World 2012

Miss Indonesia (Ines Putri) in the Top 15 of Miss World 2012

Miss World 2012, held in Ordos, Mongolia, China, was a success. There were a total of 116 finalists from around the world. The Miss World competition, which is in its 62nd year, eventually crowned Wenxia Yu as Miss World 2012.

Miss World 2012 Winner

Miss World 2012 Winner, Wenxia Yu

For a year, this representative from the People’s Republic of China will travel around the world and carry out various social missions under a program named Beauty With A Purpose.

The last task of this 177 centimeter beauty queen will be carried out at Miss World 2013 in Indonesia. The confirmation on the upcoming Miss World venue was symbolic during the final night of Miss World 2012. On that night, Nana Putra, the Managing Director of MNC Group, received the flag of Miss World.

According to the plan, Miss World 2013 will be held in September by taking a quarantine location in Bali. Meanwhile, Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is selected as the site to host the final night of Miss World 2013.

“Jakarta will host the final night of Miss World 2013. But we are not sure yet of the exact location,” said Kanti Mirdiati to Okezone in Blacksteer Lounge, Shopping Arcades Belleza, Permata Hijau, Jakarta.

Miss Indonesia Project Director & RCTI Managing Director also explained why Jakarta was selected for the final night of Miss World 2013.

“This is part of our efforts to introduce Jakarta and Indonesia to the world. Most people from overseas have heard of Bali, but they do not know that Bali is in Indonesia. They think Bali is a country,” commented this friendly lady.

Miss World 2012 Winner

Comments from Kaskus:


Will the bikini event be banned?


Caution! Bikini wear is prohibited in Jakarta, need to ask permission from the FPI [Islamic Defenders Front] and MUI [Indonesian Ulama Council] first.


Do not forget to prepare your “bribes” in advance…


Not bad, boss. We should introduce Indonesia more to the foreign community, to make it more known.


Wow… get ready for another controversy.


Obviously the FPI will issue a statement soon.

FPI (Islamic Defender Front) Protestors In Action

FPI (Islamic Defender Front) protestors in action


Doesn’t affect me much since I hardly watch this competition. BTW, is this just a plan? It might still be cancelled.


Wow… superb. There will be many hot beauties coming to Indonesia. Hehe.


Soon there will be the frog gang a.k.a FPI [Islamic Defenders Front] to organize various protests…


Wow, come on, let’s introduce Indonesia through Miss World. Hopefully everything will go safely and smoothly. When else can we see Miss World in Indonesia?


Just get ready for the FPI, boss. They will raid the place during the bikini-competition segment.


I feel bad for the contestants, some people might attempt to scare them away.


This is a contest to choose the best whore in the world… Come on, let’s choose who is the most expensive.


Bali should just hold the final night as well, instead of costly Jakarta. It might even get cancelled again similar to Lady Gaga’s concert.

What do you think of Indonesia as the host of Miss World 2013? Do you think Jakarta or Bali is ready for such a world-scale event?

Bali Island

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  • XD

    As long as the organizer can “feed” the FPI leaders till full with money,hookers,etc. etc, there shouldn’t be any trouble.
    *Cross my finger*

    • Winter B4 Spring


  • Awesome!! Well, that escalated quickly since Indonesian send the first Miss World.

  • Robert

    Wowww Indonesia is chosen? Hope there wont be any embarrassing incidents as host.

  • Kate

    Well I wouldn’t be surprised that next year’s winner will be Miss Indonesia, just like Miss China won in China. These beauty pageants are horribly bias.

    • majumundur

      Stupid beauty pageant! Lots of them become beautiful after under going the plastic surgery so it’s not their natural beauty anyway…

      • Kate

        I don’t think all of the contestants are plastic surgerized. I think some are more then others. Like Miss South Korea who competed in Miss Universe, probably the most plastic surgerized woman competing (Kim Yumi, just google her, she went from brown peanut to wedding cake with thousands of dollars worth of PS, although ironically even with thousands of dollars of plastic surgery, she didn’t even make the top 15). I think many probably do get nose jobs, breast jobs, botoxed, etc,. and not to mention the 10 layers of makeup they wear. It isn’t really fair, I think it’s similar to athletes who do steroids. It’s not natural, Nature did not make them like that. Nature rarely, rarely makes women of exceptional, perfect beauty. Most are degrees of averageness but with Plastic surgery, perfectly average women are suddenly “beautiful models”. Just take it for what it is.

  • Bali lover

    FPI? Hahaha bullshit! Bali is not a part of FPI, dont be scare, if FPI undeal of this great moment, many organization in Bali can fight and block them until them mouth are chained, hahaha. Bali is peace, free, natural, green, richest art and culture, so come to Bali and enjoy your holiday, dont remind ’bout who will destroy this big international moment :-)

  • jack

    and the winner of MISS WORLD 2013 is…….INDONESIA!!!!! …most likely to happen, since Indonesia will be hosting Miss World 13.

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