Internet Speed in Indonesia Ranked 146th Worldwide, Reactions

Indonesian kids playing online computer games at an internet cafe in Indonesia.

Indonesian kids playing online computer games at an internet cafe in Indonesia.

This following discussion forum post on popular Indonesian online community Kaskus had over 1502 comments and 30,000 views at time of translation…

From Kaskus:

Indonesian Internet Speed Ranked 146th Worldwide

Which country has the fastest internet speed in the world? Hong Kong ranked No.1 with the fastest average internet speed of 41.59 Mbps. Then how about Indonesia? Well unfortunately, we are in the position of 146.

So where did this data come from? It came from NetIndex that compiled the data from Obviously, you have used this internet speed test before, right?

NetIndex was plotting the worldwide internet speed for the period of January 2010 to July 2012. In first place is Hong Kong with 41.58 Mbps and in last position is Algeria (176) with 0.95 Mbps.

And the following are the top 10 countries with the fastest internet speed according to NetIndex:

  • Hong Kong (41.58 Mbps).
  • South Korea (34.15 Mbps).
  • Lithuania (32.81 Mbps).
  • Andorra (31.60 Mbps).
  • Singapore (29.89 Mbps).
  • Taiwan (29.34 Mbps).
  • Latvia (28.91 Mbps).
  • Japan (28.19 Mbps).
  • Netherlands (27.10 Mbps).
  • Romania (26.62 Mbps).

The data compiled by for the period of June 22 to July 22 involved 2,556,623 unique IP tests out of a total of 32.530.104 tests, with only 1,439,747 tests being used in the end. The conclusion is the average internet speed in Indonesia was only 2.16 Mbps.

So which city in Indonesia has the fastest internet speed? NetIndex listed Bengkulu [in Southwest of Sumatra island] as first place with 19.24 Mbps.

Major cities such as Jakarta, Semarang, Yogyakarta, or Surabaya are far below Bengkulu with their internet speed below 10 Mbps.

So how about ISP or Internet Service Providers, which one is the best? According to NetIndex, Indosat Internet Service Provider is in first place with 7.30 Mbps.

Indosat Internet displays.

Advertising displays for Indosat Internet, an Indonesian internet service provider.

Comments from Kaskus:

Is our Ministry of Telecommunications and Informatics proud of this news?


The Ministry of Telecommunications and Informatics is still busy blocking the porn sites.


Therefore, while still in Indonesia, we shouldn’t be so dumb, just buy a modem with [speed] label up to 3 mbps =)


Rank 147th is for speed, right?
What about in terms of price? What is our rank?

sandy70: (responding to citox)

Rice Bran [nickname for the Minister of Telecommunications and Informatics] is surely proud since there are still 30 more countries worse than us.


The internet in Indonesia sucks, so expensive and yet the speed is like a snail. =(

BeSolution: (responding to Oralucu)

I think it’s ranked no.1, boss….!


It’s really slow, I have no idea why?
Maybe it’s because of too much debt [national debt].


No wonder I get angry whenever I’m downloading something!


When will the internet speed in Indonesia be no. 1, boss?


It’s similar to our national football team’s accomplishments!


It’s really slow, and often gets disconnected too.


The country in last place is so pathetic, Indonesia is still better after all!


At least, we’re still able to surf the internet, boss. =)


Gosh, I want to change my citizenship now, boss!


Indonesia has too much corruption… that’s why we can’t build more antennas [for wireless internet connections]


Even though internet service in Indonesia is expensive and slow, it is still being used!


Hooray the rank is above 100!
It’s already an achievement for the Ministry of Telecommunications and Informatics.


is it 146 or 164?
We are getting used to being ranked last.


I want to fly to Hong Kong to do all-you-can-download!


Wow, I’m so embarrassed to be Indonesian!


The speed is just like our government officials, slow!


High speed… low fees…
Come on Indonesia… you can do it!


It’s already slow, expensive and also [download usage] limited.


It’s only slightly different from our FIFA ranking.


Lucky that our country still gets ranking.


Tsk tsk tsk.. It’s already 2012… and still the speed is like this… =(

Children in an internet cafe in Bengkulu, Sumatra.

Children in an internet cafe in Bengkulu, Sumatra.

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