Indonesian Schoolgirls Fight Over Boyfriend

Indonesian schoolgirls in Pasuruan fighting over a boyfriend.

From Koran Indonesia:

Video of Violence Among Students in Pasuruan High School

Fighting over a boyfriend, a public high school student in Pasuruan [East Java] had the heart to bully a private trade school student from the same city. Her violent act was caught on video and became widely circulated among students.

In this two-minute video, the student with initials Na (16) from Pleret Village, District Pohjentrek, Regency Pasuruan, can be seen slapping Me (16), a resident of Village Krapyak District Gadingrejo, Pasuruan.

Na, a grade 10 student of Pasuruan 2 public high school can be seen kicking, grabbing the hair and scratching the victim’s cheek. Me is listed as a grade 10 student of Private Trade School in Pasuruan.

In the video recording, the victim looked to be in pain but was still treated abrasively despite having admitted her guilt. She apologized several times to the perpetrator.

The incident took place at the home of the victim’s friend in Kepel village, Bugulkidul district, Pasuruan. The worst fact is this cruel act took place in the presence of seven other friends of the victim. However, it did not appear that anyone tried to defend the victim.

The Pasuruan police have stated that they will be investigating this case of bullying because the video has already gone viral among the general public. The police have started to ask witnesses to come forward and report their stories to the local police.

Comments from Youtube and Kaskus:


Gosh, those ababils. They act as if there is no other guy left in this world!


Just come here and be my girlfriend instead! No need to fight. HAHA….

Kemang SPN:

The fact is there are more female students than their male counterparts in Pasuruan. :)


I think this ababil is watching too much Indonesian TV dramas!


Geez, so vicious! I want to punch the girl in the blue shirt!


Gosh, they don’t study in school but instead are fighting over a penis. hmmm…


I’m so curious to see how handsome this boyfriend is since these girls are fighting for him…


Kids these days… they don’t study hard but instead fight over a rudal [penis] =(





Ali Hidayat:

I think the perpetrator has the potential to become a pimp…!


You’ll be sorry after you’re expelled from school… You are lucky they didn’t give you a harsher punishment!!!

Gak nyambung:

That girl has no shame, just die!

Freya Aunary:

Such IDIOTIC behavior! These girls are such an embarrassment to feminism!

Puterysanti Santi:

Wow, the girl in blue shirt is so brutal… like a demon!

What do you think?

Indonesian schoolgirls in Pasuruan fighting over a boyfriend.

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  • Tommy

    CATFIGHT IS ON! lol…

  • carmouflagger

    Pssh this aint shit compared to chinese chick fights

    • Elf Queen

      Or some good old fashioned ghetto fights in the USA.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Why doesn’t this chick fight back? Instead she begs and then get slapped some more. What happened to standing up for yourself?!

    • Honestly. I would be ashamed if my daughter just sat there and let some one abuse her like that. She did not rise up to her at all, not once.

      If it was me, no one would have left with their dignity intact.

      • mormo

        I’m not a fighter, but my mother has made it very clear to me. That if I just sit there and take it like she did, she’ll beat my ass when I get home. ._.

    • hyeonseumwan

      Victim blaming at its finest??

    • SAMUS

      well if we fight back and the girl who attacked her have more friend or influence then she will be the one who getting expelled

  • PixelPulse

    This is the second lamest girl fight Ive seen, to be honest and I can hardly say the girl in blue is being brutal compare to the catfights Ive seen in person.

    • kevin lin

      It’s not a girl fight, it’s team bullying….

      • PixelPulse

        All I see is one girl doing all the hitting with everybody sitting around, I wouldnt really call getting a mild asswhopping bullying.

        • kevin lin

          Do u understand the definition of bullying? Just because they wasnt any “asswhopping” it is still wrong and it is considered as bullying

          • PixelPulse

            Sure its wrong but not every fight is bullying. This is just one video of what happened between them so Im not gonna call it bullying since we both have no idea whether this is a regular thing they do to her.

          • kevin lin

            Even if it happens once, it can still be considered as bullying

          • Chris McKenna

            I’d agree. One of the other girls also hits her near the end. It looks like the blue girl has turned up with a bunch of friends.

  • elizabeth

    Fighting over a boy at school? Whatever happened to priorities these days?

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