Indonesian Teen Street Racers Bet Their Money and Girlfriends

teens illegal racing at midnight

From Kompas:

Women and Money Become Stakes for Illegal Racing in Kembangan

The streets of Taman Aries and Puri Kencana, Kembangan, West Jakarta, are often used as illegal motorcycle racing circuits by teenagers every weekend night. Aside from money, some students even used ​​their girlfriends as bets.

teens illegal racing

“This actually happens almost every night, especially on either Saturday or Sunday night, ” said Metro Kembangan’s Head Police Commissioner Agus Herru when contacted by

According to Agus, the bets typically range from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah [US$10-$100]. The bet even reached up to 10 million rupiah [US $1000] once during a raid.

illegal racing in jakarta

With regards to exploiting women, Agus said that some fellow riders even use their own girlfriends as bets. The racer who wins would get the right to have sex with the girl of the racer who lost the match.

girls for racing betting

“Aside from having illegal races with money and women, these underage children also have alcohol parties” he said.

He said that the police routinely conduct raids in the region. This is done to enforce street laws and give social support to parents, schools, and the neighborhood. Agus is very supportive of the plan to enforce compulsory education hours from Jakarta’s city administration to help the police.

illegal racing with girls

With compulsory education hours, students will need to re-study some mandatory subjects in their homes at night. Thus, students will not have the freedom to wander freely at night.

Comments from Kaskus:


This is absurd! They even use their girlfriends for bets.


It is the fault of the parents for not monitoring their children better.


Why did the girls agree to be the subject of the bets?


I’ll report them to our community security guard!


What prize will they get if they die during the race??


Well… women are considered things, right? =)


I’d feel sorry if the girls they won were very ugly. Haha…

Mister X:

They watch too many Hong Kong gangster movies! Haha…


The girls who are willing to be the racers’ girlfriends must be dumb.
Their boyfriends will still get to have sex with the losers’ girlfriend even if they win the race!


This is a good deal for the boys but not for the girls!


If they ever get caught then they should be circumcised again!


Ridiculous! Even their own girlfriends are used for betting and pleasure.


I want to participate in this illegal racing since the prize is so exciting. =)


So I assume singles can’t participate since a girl is needed for betting. =(

What do you think?

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