Indonesian Boy Splashes Girlfriend’s Face with Battery Acid

Lydia Pretty Face is No More after incident

From Metro News

End Of Search for Suspect Who Splashed Battery Acid

The search for Riki Halim Levin (23 years old), a suspect named fugitive in the battery acid attack on Lynia Davega, a Bina Nusantara student, finally ends. Riki was arrested while hiding in his uncle’s house located in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

Riki had been hiding there for approximately one month. Despite being a fugitive, he apparently constantly monitored news related to him. His parents provided the information.

Riki Halim Caught in Kalimantan

In the presence of investigators, Riki admitted that he sprayed battery acid on his ex-girlfriend because he was upset with her older brother after he threatened to kill him.

Riki admitted that the liquid he splashed onto his lover’s face is the battery acid from his motorcycle. He deliberately kept the battery acid in a bottle.

Lydia in Hospital

After the incident, Ricky fled in fear of being judged by the masses. He went to his uncle’s home which is located in Pontianak.

The reason for choosing that city is because most of his mother’s relatives live there. “I have many relatives in Pontianak, so I went straight there,’ said Riki

Riki also claimed that he has a very close relationship with LD [Lynia Davega]. In fact, the two had lived together in a dorm room, not far from the victim’s campus.

riki halim facebook picture

Comments from Kaskus (1, 2, 3 and 4):


Just splash his face with the battery acid too!


He’s very handsome but his attitude is like a dog…


His love was rejected so he uses battery acid as revenge…. what a sick person!


His face is very smooth so he should get ready to be sodomized in jail!


This is why you have to be careful when looking for a partner. Don’t be with an emotional person like this.


It’s too bad as his girlfriend was very beautiful =(


He only got dumped but his reaction was very harsh. So lebay!


He is totally not a gentleman!


If you are a fugitive then you should run further away… instead of going to Pontianak. LOL.


A beautiful face always brings tragedy.


Just spray his penis with battery acid. GRRRR….


He’s not the son of a public official or general so he’ll be punished severely.


It’s like there’s no other girls…. =(


What a coward!

Riki Halim Residence

Riki Halim Residence in Pademangan Timur 1, Jakarta Timur

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  • bang2tang

    you post this news kinda late.

  • Guest

    “It’s too bad as his girlfriend was very beautiful =(”

    wow so it would be not so bad if she was less pretty? =,=

    • Guest

      It’s always more tragedy if an Olympic runner losses legs than a common man.

      • Zappa Frank

        try to be that man and tell me

        • Guest

          I mean it fell more tragic to other people with expectation toward the victims. People that losses part of their body will feel equally sad regardless of their talents.

          • Zappa Frank

            well, not sure.. if a sister or a friend get in that situation i don’t think that her apperance would change my feeling

    • Miniluv101

      Of course you Barbarian! And countless of Hellenic philosophers would agree with me! I’m surprised the world hasn’t joined forces in combating the the mediocrity and obesity that plagues our world!

      No but seriously, people tend to hold things that are pleasing in higher regard than that which is not.

  • Guest

    “This is why you have to be careful when looking for a partner. Don’t be with an emotional person like this.”

    It’s probably just the opposite.. this guy is probably a sociopath or psychopath.

  • markus peg

    Sad story, i hope he gets a big punishment and has to pay for his ex GFs medical bills plus compensation. tho he is probably poor with not much of a future due to the type of behavior/person he is.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      You know, I always thought about that.

      People who’ve done bad things like this should be well known to other people, right?

      But if he just goes away to somewhere else where they don’t know who he is, I’m always afraid that he’ll find happiness that he doesn’t deserve.

  • Guest23

    “If you love someone, let them go” I know that some take rejection too seriously or some cases, a lost in face, if Indonesia had any Eye for eye laws, he’d know what it would feel to have every nerve on your face burning with acid, and the parents and family should known better to aid and give refuge to this criminal, he’s afraid of being judged, yet people are judging him as a coward for running away.

    • Mighty曹

      I didn’t understand that excuse “fear of being judged by the masses” either. What else can he expect after such a heinous act!

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The only appropriate punishment is to pour acid on his face and then set him free in society, let him deal with everything that this girl will have to deal with.

    • FMN

      And marry them afterwards, what a ‘match made in acid’

      • Rererere

        You would force this poor girl to marry the psychopath who disfigured her?

        • FMN

          Only few people can understand my *sarcasm*

          • Rererere

            I knew you weren’t being serious, but the first comment was talking about punishing the criminal, and then you responded with something that was really only a punishment for the victim. I just wanted you to think about it. Jokes and sarcasm can be poorly executed.

    • LaoShu

      I would say spray it all over his body…

  • lonetrey / Dan

    They say a woman’s face is her life…. saturate his penis and balls in battery acid. Afterall, shouldn’t his penis not the most important thing to him? Add in an acid facial treatment for good measure.

  • Thor

    All we can do is hoping at a full recovery for her, as far as possible.

  • Mighty曹

    The parents, uncle and aunt should be punished as well for aiding and harboring a fugitive.

    • asdf

      Only the Uncle did that – the parents actually helped the police
      You should read things more carefully.

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  • UserID01

    So let me see if I’m understanding this correctly.

    The guy has an argument with his girlfriend’s BROTHER. He’s angry at the girlfriend’s BROTHER. So he throws acid on his girlfriend’s face.

    What a coward. Instead of confronting the brother, the person he actually had a beef with, he attacks his girlfriend. I hope he rots.

    • Lulu

      I don’t understand his insane troll logic – wouldn’t the brother be even more ready to murder him now?

      • Is

        Well from what I picked up in recent news, the guy was planning on throwing acid to his girlfriend’s brother’s face, as he was the one who pushed her to break up with him. However, before giving a surprise acid throw, he didn’t expect the person welcoming him at the door was his girlfriend.

  • Is

    I’ve been seeing this news circulating online for a while, but I’d never see the picture of the damage from his heinous act. Poor girl, all I hope is for your quick recovery.

  • max


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