Jakarta Plans To Build Most Advanced MRT System in the World

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From Metropolitan:

MRT Jakarta Will Be More Advanced Compared To Other Countries

MRT Jakarta

The development plan of Mass rapid transid (MRT) has entered land acquisition phase. In the future, MRT Jakarta aims to be more advanced when compared to similar transportation modes that have existed in other countries.

“The feasibility study for MRT Jakarta has been conducted carefully. Our study even includes the involvement of a development expert from . We will ensure that MRT Jakarta is more sophisticated than all rail-based mass transit systems in other countries,” explained Selamat Nurdin, Chairman of Jakarta Commision B City Council.

Selamat revealed that future urban mobility trends will be mostly underground. Therefore, Jakarta had no choice but to follow this pattern. Otherwise, Jakarta will be left behind when compared to other big cities. It is inevitable that MRT must be built as a form of public transport.

As a representative of Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), he claimed that the development of MRT infrastructure project will not be further reviewed or stopped. This is because its presence is deemed vital for metropolitan city such as Jakarta.

MRT Jakarta Plan

According to him, the capital city of Jakarta will continue to experience population growths. Therefore, the availability of public transport facilities that could carry a large number of people is urgently needed.

The city of Jakarta might experience total standstill in mobility if this project is not realized. The current residents are already overcrowding the public roads with their private vehicles. “If this traffic pattern continues, the public will no longer be able to move in the future. Thus, the government should make extra effort to avoid this situation by providing better public transportation services,” he said.

He explained that the MRT development project is valued at 15 trillion Rupiah (or 120 Million Yen) with loans from Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA). The costs can not be compared to MRT development in other countries since their funding were influenced by the rate of inflation and its unit value specifications.

MRT Jakarta Development Plan

Comments from Kaskus:


More sophisticated? More expensive perhaps….


It’s not the sophistication that’s important, but whether the MRT can be maintained over the years.
I hope it won’t be suffer the same fate like our Jakarta Busway which was only efficient in its 1st year. Afterwards, it became bleak, dirty and unkempt.


How could one claim it’s more advanced when it’s not even built yet? So strange.


Hopefully this is not just another wishful dream. Hopefully the Jakarta governor will be able to make this MRT plan into reality.


Cool, Mr Jokowi and Mr Ahok! Keep on advancing, sirs!


This is so mantap. Hopefully, the project will start as soon as possible. MRT is what’s needed to be built, not more expressways.

MRT Train Prototype


If it’s a matter of spending money, we [Indonesians] will never lose. It would be a different story when it comes to maintenance and care.


It will be considered sophisticated if the train can arrive on time every 5 minutes like in Singapore.


How come there are only 6 carriages if it’s considered to be more advanced? There should be a minimum of 8 carriages. Even Tokyo’s trains have 10 carriages.


Will there be singers or Aqua [mineral water brand] sellers inside the MRT?


Hopefully this development project will be completed soon.


Jakarta will finally have its own MRT…


Might only be more advanced in its prototype. LOL


This project has not even been started… Why boast about the future?

What do you think? Will it happen? Will it last?

MRT Jakarta Station

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  • Anjing

    At first I thought it might be a translation error where it said Jakarta ‘might’ experience a total standstill in mobility in the future. The major arteries are at a standstill already for much of the day!

    As good as this is, they should do something about the transjakarta to deal with the now. All it would take is an increase in the size of the fleet and more rigid enforcement of the bus lanes. They could get fancy and even built light rail on it! This project is so far away it’s going to do nothing for the problem any time soon. They have the bones of a decent stopgap but they seem to be letting it rot away.

  • Ethan

    They’re using the same logo as MARTA, the subway system in Atlanta.

  • BlackOut

    ‘We will ensure that MRT Jakarta is more sophisticated than all rail-based mass transit systems in other countries,” explained Selamat Nurdin, Chairman of Jakarta Commision B City Council.

    As if this is some kind of competition to save some face.
    IMO, an effective simple system is far more better than a shopisticated one since the shopisticated one will cost you a lot and give you a hard time in maintenance. Well as I haven’t got clearly of what he meant about ‘more shopisticated’ in his speech, I’ll stop here.
    Anyway how many years the project estimated to be done? I can’t find it in the article..or they haven’t at that point yet?
    Ahh,my bad.

    • Alexa

      Yeah, I’m also curious when will this project be completed, but probably they are not even at that point yet…. and don’t get me started on the “sophisticated” portion…. just build one!

  • Kim

    Indonesia is a piece of shit

    • Martin

      that’s random and one of the rudest comments ever… go F urself.

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  • zan

    You said your Jakarta MRT is the most modern and advance in south east asia….well Malaysia already ahead of Indonesia in term of public transportation e.g ERL, LRT,. Monorail. Komuter and one of the best highway in the world..so what is your latest development and progress with you MRT. For KL MRT your go to google and look for KLMRT latest development. Here you can see the most advance technology used by Malaysian to built 51km KVMRT from Sg. Buloh to Kajang.

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