Virginity Test For Indonesian Female High School Students

female students in prabumulih

From Yahoo Indonesia:

Legislative Council of Sumatra Disapproves Virginity Test For Female Students in Prabumulih

HA Djauhari, Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Council, said that virginity tests should not be conducted on all current and prospective high school students in Sumatra.

“We do not agree with this idea from Prabumulih Education Department. I hope parliament and the local authorities will not approve this proposal, which was included in the 2014 regional budget, ” said Djauhari.


HA Djauhari

According to him, the justification for that proposal isn’t logical. The Education Department thinks that this move will counteract students from having casual sex or engaging in illegal prostitution.

He said that the education department should create policies that encourage students to perform positive social activities instead of enforcing a virginity test.

“I’ve asked the Prabumulih Education Department to reconsider this plan. If the test is done for religious school or military education then it might be acceptable. However, it is unjustified for a public high school.” he explained.

high school in indonesia

An Indonesian high school

Comments from Yahoo (1 and 2):


STUPID! How is a student’s virginity the business of the Education Department? These students just want to go to school and study.


Will they conduct male virginity tests as well? This is definitely not an urgent issue.

Muhammad Van Muhhamad:

Dammit! My tax money is being used to pay for stupid things or ultimately embezzled!

Bocah Tua Bermulut Kasar:

This plan is designed to bully and shame all the female high school students.

Novie Valentine:

If they’re not virgins anymore, so what? Is it really that important?


What a “STUPID” rule that embarrasses our nation!


The best way to perform this virginity test is to have each member of the legislative council sleep with these female high school students… Fantastic!


Amazing. Why do most immoral things always happen in South Sumatra?


It’s getting dumb and dumber. A school is a place where people study so only IQ test or some education tests should be performed. Virginity tests should only be conducted if these girls live in a brothel!


How can we compete with Malaysia if people make such a big deal about gender issues?


How about we have an IQ test for the legislative members? We need to verify if they should still be elected for next year’s elections.


The people who proposed this idea must be PEDOPHILES!


The tests should be conducted with teachers first since they are supposed to be the role models. How do you expect a virgin student if the teacher is not even a virgin?


I volunteer to conduct the testing! =)

students in prabumulih high school

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