Japanese Women Travel to Bali for Sex with Local Beach Boys

Japanese Women Sitting on the Beach

From TribunNews:

Japanese Women Pay 1.1 Million Rp [100 USD] to Hire Gigolo in Bali for Sex

Unbelievable! There is an astounding piece of news from Japan related to Indonesian men living in Bali, Indonesia who work as beach boys. A Japanese freelance writer, who has some works published in the weekly magazine Nikkan Gendai, wrote that these beach boys serve Japanese women’s lust for 5,000 Yen, or about 584k Rupiah (exchange rate Rp 116 = 1 yen) for one-time sex.

“Bali is a very popular tourist destination since the early years of the bubbling economy of the 1990s. Many Japanese women went to Bali for a massage,” said freelance writer Yukio Murakami, which is quoted and printed in Nikkan Gendai magazine.

Australian Taking Picture during Sunset in Kuta Beach with Beach Boys

Some Bali beach boys taking a photo with some Australian girls.

Many of these Japanese women also requested for the ‘beach boys’ to perform erotic massage from the breast area down to the bottom part of the body, she added.

“At a certain moment, these women will ask how much it will cost to perform a sex service. There are around 200 gigolos in Bali and many of them are specifically trained to satisfy these women. [These gigolos] are even trained to lick a woman’s body up to the female sex organ so that their client can enjoy higher arousal rather than the intercourse itself. The average rate for one time sex service is 5.000 yen, but there is often a cheaper rate of only 2.000 yen (233k Rupiah). For one full-day service, they will charge 10.000 yen (1.1 million Rupiah),” explained Murakami.

Bali Beach Boys Telling Stories on the Kuta Beach

Some local Bali beach boys.

The popularity of Bali beach boys among Japanese female workers has been rising since 10 years ago, or around year 2000. Even more Japanese workers are vacationing in Bali these days, she added.

Especially in 2005, many women who have stressful working lives in Japanese stores and rarely have sex, will relieve their stress by going to Bali to hire these boys, added Murakami again. “One of the most embarrassing facts nationwide,” written at the end of the article published in Nikkan Gendai magazine.

The “Cowboys in Paradise” documentary film about gigolos in Bali:

Comments from Kaskus:


There you go, a new job market…
Feels good, and you get paid… hahaha…


The only problem is … not all Japanese girls are cute like in the dorama-desu [Japanese TV drama]
Usually only old rich women are able to go abroad for vacation.


If all of these women are Japanese actresses then I’d do it, even at a discount rate… but if they’re old ladies or worse old geezers then there’s no way, no matter how much money they pay me.

Japanese Women Taking Picture at Uluwatu Temple Bali

Japanese tourists taking photos at the Bali Uluwatu Temple.


Most Japanese women usually have dinosaur teeth [bucktooth] and these are the types of women who generally go to Bali.


Just do it with me, ladies, it’s free!


Bali, here I come!!


They [beach boys] usually get angry if you call them gigolo for hire… Their pride is too high, hehehe…

Bali Beach Boys Talking with Australian Girl

A Bali beach boy talking to an Australian girl.


Japanese girls usually smell bad..


Most Japanese girls really like guys with dark brown skin…


French girls who smell like cheese are still much better than Japanese…
Japanese girls smell so weird, not sure like what…

Japanese Women Dancing with Local Kids in Ubud Bali

Japanese tourists dancing with local children in Ubud Bali.


One time only is Rp 1.1 million [US$ 100]
One day can get 4 people.
4×1.1 = Rp 4.4 million (US$ 400)

Times 20 days (the rest are days off)
4.4 x 20 = Rp 80.8 million / month

Extremely attractive. That’s 30 times my regular salary!

Yurikazu (reply to zerolimit001):

It’s indeed attractive, boss, but it’s also high risk… might contract HIV =)


Japanese women are relatively safe since they rarely have sex in their own country =)

What do you think?

Beach Boy Arrested for Killing Japanese Women

A “beach boy” arrested for killing a Japanese woman.

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