Adult Model Hits 7 While Driving Intoxicated and Half-Naked

Novi Amelia Car Accident

Novi Amelia, an adult magazine model, became infamous after causing an accident while intoxicated and wearing only her bra and underwear.

At present, seven officers of the Taman Sari Police Station are being investigated for the leakage of her semi-nude jail photos, which were widely circulated in the internet. While this investigation is underway, Novi is resting at a rehabilitation center owned by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) in Lido, Bogor.

From CiriCara:

Novi Amelia, Driver Who Hit 7 People in Taman Sari, Tested Positive for Ecstasy Consumption

Novi Amelia, the driver of a Honda Jazz that hit 7 people in Taman Sari, West Jakarta tested positive for ecstasy consumption. Novi was secured by police officers in a half-conscious state, wearing only her underwear.

“The result of the urine test was found to be positive of ecstasy consumption,” said the Head of Jakarta Police Public Relations, Sr. (Pol) Rikwanto.

According to Rikwanto, seven victims suffered minor injuries during this accident. In addition, 2 motorcycles, 1 minibus unit, and a coffee trader’s bicycle were damaged after being hit by the Honda Jazz with plate number B 1864 POP, owned by Novi.

Novi Amelia Damaged Car

While being questioned at Taman Sari Police Station earlier, Novi was hysterical and filled with rage. In addition, Novi stripped off her clothes in front of the other police officers. Luckily, a few policewomen managed to calm Novi down and persuade her to wear clothes.

Shortly after that, the condition of Novi worsened. Police immediately brought her to Husada Hospital. Novi Amelia’s background was not known at that time. Many believed that this fair-skin lady was actually a model.

Leaked photos of Novi Amelia captured at the Police Station:

Novi Amelia Handcuffed Photo

Novi Amelia Leaked Photo

Novi Amelia Leaked Photo

Novi Amelia With Police Officers

Novi Amelia With Police Officers

Comments from Kaskus:


I see, this must be the porn star who suffered depression and knocked down several people (including 2 police officers), while in her underwear. TOTALLY INSANE!!


Wow, the police officers must be enjoying themselves… They can freely grope her, especially if she was drunk and unconscious.




Probably she just finished clubbing, drunk and intoxicated. Hurry and repent, return to the correct ways!


Someone even said that she removed her bra while being examined by the police.

Aditya Mengantar:

Maybe she found out that she has HIV and became depressed…


Unbelievable, who would only wear their underwear while intoxicated. Luckily, there was no paparazzi.


Such a pity, she’s pretty yet mentally-ill…. Come here and I’ll heal you.

Novi Amelia At Rehab

Comments from YouTube:


There are probably only 10-20 police officers who are ‘clean’ [innocent, not corrupt] (among millions of police in Indonesia)

jufri rajake saddam:

Those photos are inhumane and not compatible with our nation’s culture which upholds good humanity values. They should never be circulated online!

Hendra Subrata:

Exploiting opportunities while in an extremely difficult situation…

Budhi Setiyawan :

The police officers must have become very horny.

Safaruddin Abd:

Come on, why defend someone who is shameless. This immoral woman probably wishes that everyone see every inch of her own body…
Our nation is so weird, why support corruption and prostitutes. Strange… Strange…

dian ayu:

She’s probably only seeking publicity… to increase her popularity.


This is all Novi’s own fault for driving her car naked…

What do you think? What is the most bizarre accident that you have ever witnessed?

Novi Amelia Caught By Police Officers

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  • BlackOut

    Haha,who’s give damn shit about the leakage her semi-nude photos, she’s an adult magazine model after all.
    The problem is why was she driving intoxicated. Did she intend to suicide and take as many people as possible with her?
    Well thank God she failed, nobody died and she has good looking apperance so people likely tend to go easy on her, or else she doomed.

    • Anjing

      I doubt she was trying to kill herself. Jakarta has one of the messiest club scenes on the planet. It’s not exactly uncommon for people completely wrecked on recreational drugs to be driving themselves home after a big night out!

      • BlackOut

        Hopefully some of them learn some lesson from this and restrain their destructive attitude. Streets exist not for junkie and drunkard to playing boom-boom-car anyway.

  • alexa

    urghh she’s not even that good-looking… but i’m sure the police officers wouldn’t mind some free shows.

  • PixelPulse

    That second comment was disgusting > >
    Thank god nobody got seriously hurt, but I wonder what was going on before she got in the car (obviously she was high but you gotta wonder)

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Ugh. What an annoying thing to happen. I feel bad for the 7 people who got minor injuries from her, fortunately no one was killed!

  • owbak

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    • Matt

      There is a special level of Hell reserved just for you…

  • Kate

    Ewww what a trashy, nasty woman who lost any shred of self respect a long time ago….and She’s built like an elongated noodle with a tiny head….seriously no sympathy for dui drivers, none….they are incredibly selfish, reckless people who put innocent people at risk because they only care about themselves and fun….I’m sure there were plenty of taxis but this drunk whore couldn’t of bothered with them and now 7 people are paying for her selfish choice. Firm believer dui people like her need to spend a min of 3 years in prison and to be barred from ever driving again.

  • 3ayo

    It wouldn’t surpise me if she’s had plastic surgery.

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